Equality & Diversity

We are determined that no discrimination takes place here at Queen Square Chambers. We believe no one should be discriminated against because of ethnicity, nationality, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, disability and age, and we take great care to ensure that there is equality of opportunity throughout the chambers.

Applications for staff vacancies, pupillages and tenancy are considered on merit, as are promotions. We monitor applications for the ethnicity, gender and disability of those we recruit to ensure we adhere to a diverse recruitment policy, but we do not set or work towards any targets.

In December 2015 our team were asked various diversity questions, and 15 staff and members of chambers responded. Of those who consented to publication of their anonymised data the results were the following:


Gender: 11 males; <10 females

Ethnicity: 10 members identified as British; <10 members identified as ‘Any other White background’.

(Not everyone who consented to publication of their gender consented to publication of their ethnicity.)

Age: <10 members in categories from 25-34 up to 65+ with at least one in each.


There were only three respondents (from a total of eight staff) so all category responses were <10.

Although we are not the largest set, the response rate was low across the board, and Queen Square Chambers feels the equality data produced is not of a high enough standard to provide any real value.  It is also not a true reflection of the diversity within our set.

On reflection, we realise the timing of the questionnaire could have been better, as could its design.  The next time this activity is conducted, it will be with a clear communication plan to ensure the best response possible.  We are committed to equality and diversity and we will improve our showcasing of this.

If you’d like read our policies on maternity/paternity leave, flexible working, harassment, disciplinary and grievance procedure, they are available on request. Please contact our Equality and Diversity Officer, Simon Goodman (scg@qs-c.co.uk).