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Public Access – Child Arrangements in Divorce or Separation

 Our barristers can advise and represent you in court if you and your former partner cannot agree on arrangements for your child during, or after, a divorce or separation.

Examples of this could be that you may not be able to agree on where your child lives, when your child spends time with each parent or what school they go to. You may also wish to stop your former partner from making a decision about a child’s upbringing.

If you cannot agree with your former partner, you can apply to a court for an order. You may need to attend a number of court hearings from directions/ case management hearings, through to contested final hearings. Our barristers are available to assist in Court in all hearings.


Timescales for our services may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the complexity of your case and the need for additional documents. The date your hearing is listed on will also impact upon whether a Barrister is available to assist.

As a guide, written advice on your case will be available within two to four weeks where possible. For court hearings, we would ideally need two weeks’ notice of the date of the hearing, however, we appreciate you may also need representation at short notice. If so, please contact the clerks and our barristers will aim to represent you at the hearing where possible.


We charge fixed fees, which means that we will charge you a set amount of money for the work. These fees will be payable before written work is provided or a hearing/ conference commences. Below we provide estimates based on the ranges of fixed fees for barristers in Queen Square Chambers. VAT will be charged on top of these fees (where applicable)

Your fixed fees may vary depending on your needs – for example, your fees may be towards the higher end of the range if you need a more experienced barrister and/or you have a complex case. If you have a particularly complex case or it has an unusually high volume of paperwork, your fees may also be higher than the estimates below. Additional travel costs would depend on the location of the court venue or conference location.

Stage of Case Range of fixed fees (estimates)
Written advice £500 – £1000
Preparation of case, including conferences with you and assistance with drafting of any court documents £500 – £1000
First hearing (to see if the parties can agree) £500 – £1000
Directions hearing (if the parties cannot agree, to arrange the final hearing) £500 – £1000
Interim hearing (in some cases it may be necessary to, for example, decide whether a child should have contact with a parent before the final hearing) £750 – £1250
Pre-hearing review (to ensure the case is ready for the final hearing) £750 – £1250
First day of final hearing £1000 – £4000
Court appearances per day, after the first day of the final hearing £750 – £1500
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All information is correct as of May 2019, but fees are estimates only. For the most accurate fixed fee estimate, please contact the clerks on 0117 921 1966 (or e-mail