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Organisations today are increasingly expected to investigate potential wrongdoing diligently and effectively, and it can make a major difference if you get the help of experts. Our team can offer important benefits:

  • We are independent. We come to the situation with no agenda beyond the remit you give us. Employees and regulators alike are more likely to respect the integrity of an investigation carried out by people without prior history with an organisation and from a profession with a reputation for objectivity.
  • We know the importance of treading softly. It is natural for people inside an organisation to be suspicious of an investigation. We set out to put people at their ease and cause as little disruption to an organisation’s ongoing business as possible.
  • We have a wide range of expertise. You can choose to instruct a single investigator or a multi-disciplinary team with the necessary skill set.
  • Aspects of an investigation conducted by outside lawyers may attract either legal advice or litigation This can be an important consideration.

The skills you need are likely to vary according to your situation:

  • We have employment specialists with expertise in whistleblowing, harassment and discrimination.
  • We have regulatory specialists with insight into how regulators think and who can advise on such issues as self-reporting.
  • We have fraud counsel with experience of analysing financial evidence.

All team members are trained to question effectively and can adjust their style according to circumstances to get to the core of an issue with minimum upset.

We can either conduct the entirety of an investigation or work as part of a team of other professionals, including forensic accountants and other lawyers. We can also work directly with organisations on a direct access basis.

To discuss your requirements please contact the clerks on 0117 921 1966.

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