Judicial Review in Criminal Proceedings

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We can offer practical advice for those using judicial review for the first time, help with court forms and applications, as well as provide guidance on potential ways to get public funding. This pragmatic approach has been vital to success on a number of occasions.

Our work in this area has included:

  • R (AS) v Cardiff Crown Court (2014): successful judicial review of a Crown Court judge’s decision to revoke bail; AS was subsequently acquitted.
  • R (Boota) v Gwent Magistrates’ Court [2012] EWHC 3550 (Admin): conviction quashed after a successful judicial review of the District Judge’s refusal to state a case where the Defendant admitted the offence in the PSR.
  • R (Smith) v Crown Prosecution Service [2010] EWHC 3593 (Admin): successful application in the High Court to quash a CPS decision to proceed to trial in case of domestic violence after an agreement had been reached to use restraining order only. The prosecution was deemed an abuse of process and an affront to justice.
  • R (Birmingham City Council) v Birmingham Crown Court [2009] EWHC 3329 (Admin); [2010] 1 W.L.R. 1287: application by Birmingham City Council to the High Court to quash leave granted to two youths to appeal against their ASBOs out of time successfully resisted (see Criminal Law Week CLW/10/01/06).

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