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Richard Carron has over 20 years experience working in Family Law.

Most cases in which he is involved (on whatever side) involve chronic neglect. Often they feature the official solicitor for one or other parent and/or additional parties to the parents, LA and child(ren).

Prior to focusing on family law in recent years, Richard had a significant criminal practice acting for both the defence and prosecution. His instructions included cases featuring extremely serious criminal charges, including inter alia  fraud, section 18 ‘gbh’, rape, causing death by dangerous driving. Importantly where his family work is concerned, Richard represented defendants in child sex cases and has experience of cross examining children. In the light of the potential for such applications (for cross examination of complainants) to arise, such experience is extremely valuable.

Richard Carron’s principle (greater than 95%) area of practice is family law. Within that field a substantial part of his practice is care work. Whilst working for Local Authorities (and others) he has drafted case summaries, position statements and orders as part of the ordinary course of his instructions.

Richard Carron is aware of the time pressures that instructing solicitors are under and is frequently able to review a draft witness statement or the like (where necessary) in a very short period of time (on occasion overnight).

Richard Carron is used to liaising with social workers (whether as clients or otherwise) and is sensitive to the pressures that they are under. He understands and is experienced in the greater responsibilities in case management which fall upon counsel for a Local Authority.

When first qualified (93 and ff) did a significant amount of civil work. One of the issues drummed in at that stage was – always ask for costs. Whilst in Care work one is rarely, if ever, in a position to ask for costs, he is always acutely aware of the cost to the public purse of whatever action is pursued and will always seek, where proper, to ensure that public monies are not needlessly disbursed.

Notable/Reported cases

  • Re: F family [2010] – represented TBC in a case involving two other local authorities. As well as the parents two of the children were separately represented. There were 8 children involved in total. The Guardian, oldest child and father were represented by Queens Counsel. A major part of the case was the Guardian seeking to compel TBC &/or another local authority to take steps which were thought by the LA (certainly TBC) to be excessive in all the circumstances. The case was resolved in accordance with the recommendations made (in respect of the children they were responsible for) by TBC. There were a number of substantial contested hearings before HHJ Bromilow sitting as a High Court Judge.
  • Re R- ongoing [and 2009/10] – case representing father with significant learning and emotional difficulties. Married to a mother with very significant learning difficulties. Cases involved contested section 38(6) applications
  • Re S & Other cases – ongoing – instructed by Official Solicitor due to mother’s capacity (and lack thereof).
  • Re R – ongoing – representing the mother in a case with a child with a fractured skull. The child is in interim care. There will be a contest to determine how and who caused the fracture.
  • Re: G – ongoing – representing the mother – head injury to child. 6 day contested fact finding. Pool of perpetrator case. Injury itself not of most serious nature. Child with parents (in interim) but under strict conditions (including living with other relatives).
  • Re: S – case in 2007/08 – nine days in High Court before Mr. Justice Hedley. Significantly disabled child. Issues surrounding care whilst in a special school. Issues about publicity. [Order permitted ITV Wales to attend hearing]. Interaction between educational needs, care needs and neglect. Both LA and Guardian represented by Queen’s Counsel.
  • Re: B – case in 2006/07 – month long case before His Honour Judge Ticehurst sitting as a high court judge. Most serious allegations of sexual abuse. Representing father and alleged perpetrator. Cross examination included conflicting experts as to (inter alia) reliability of child video interviews. Was instructed as a leading junior leading other junior counsel.

‘Recommended for care proceedings.’ – Legal 500 2017

He is particularly good when a detailed forensic examination of the evidence is required.’ – Legal 500 2015


Undergraduate Degree (1985-1988)
Natural Sciences and Theology, Cambridge University

Post-graduation qualification
1990-1991, Law Conversion Course, Law Society.
1991-1992, Bar Vocational Course, Inns Court School of Law



Prior to studying Law Richard Carron worked for the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. for 2 years.

 Professional Memberships

Family Law Bar Association

‘Very experienced in care cases.’ - Legal 500 2018 Contact Us

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