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Robert’s practice involves both advocacy and advisory work. He has extensive experience of court work in most areas of the law and at all levels that has given him a deep understanding of how the legal system works and how to achieve the best result whatever the circumstances including attempts to resolve the dispute at the earliest stage to save costs as and wherever possible.

The main areas of Robert’s practice include the following.


Boundary disputes
  • Obtaining a precise determination as to where the boundary goes; damages and injunctions where necessary; but taking into account that neighbours have to get along and live next to one another.
  • Adverse possession of both of unregistered and registered land, including the application of the Land Registration Act 2002.
Property Ownership
  • Express Trusts and Resulting, Implied and Constructive trusts, Proprietary Estoppel and the application of the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 and generally cases that commonly concern cohabiting couples and the breakdown of relationships that involve principles of proprietary estoppel
Proprietary Rights and Easements
  • Easements, and profits (generally shooting and fishing rights).
  • Rights of Way and of Parking rights, Rights of Light and the Party Walls Act matters.
  • Pre-emption Agreements.
  • Title such as registered and non-registered land.

Contract Disputes

  • Undue Influence and Breach of Trust. This area often crops up with a relationship breakdown but with insolvency matters.
  • Formalities of contracts, mutual and unilateral mistake, misrepresentation, fraud and
  • Bank guarantees and sureties;
  • Agency.
  • Consumer law.

Landlord and Tenant

  • Commercial including the renewal of leases, dilapidations and rent reviews as well as forfeiture.
  • Residential generally possession proceedings and unlawful eviction but also Rent Valuation Tribunal work; and
  • Agricultural tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and/or Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 that usually concern issues of possession and compensation.

Contentious Probate and Inheritance Act Claims

  • Construction of Wills;
  • Undue Influence;
  • Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 including wives, cohabitees and children of the marriage whether adult or minor.

Professional Negligence:

  • Generally architects, surveyors, solicitors and barristers, including hearings before the SDT and on Appeal to the Administrative Court.

Company and Partnership

  • Pre-incorporation Agreements;
  • Shareholders Claims including Section 994 Unfair Prejudice Petitions
  • Partnership agreements and disputes between partners. Generally concerning disputes between Solicitors.


  • Insolvency of Companies and the Estates of Deceased persons
  • Bankruptcy including issues arising out of enforcement.

Professional Memberships

Professional Negligence Bar Association
Western Circuit

Other Interests

Robert enjoys fairly substantial DIY and property renovation, walking (with large dog!) but as a single parent has little time left for interests. These are many – including history, architecture, painting – both viewing and painting his own, theatre and travel.

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