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The Autumn 2018 CPD Event will take place on 29th November between 17:00 – 19:30 at the Bristol Hotel, Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4QF.

Talk topics include:

Gross negligence manslaughter in the wake of Honey Rose

Most criticisms of the offence of manslaughter by gross negligence has concentrated on alleged circularity in the gross negligence test, but in Honey Rose the focus was elsewhere: how do we judge reasonable foreseeability? The outcome of the appeal may be critical for future allegations of manslaughter by a medical practitioner. Oliver Willmott explains.

Is the DMD a panacea?

With disclosure under the microscope in the press and before the courts, Leanne Woodman considers the Disclosure Management Document.

Is it a cure-all for the prosecution or a tool to be used to the advantage of the defence?

Ask the Barristers

This year we are offering you, the audience, the chance to pose questions to a panel made up of members of our team.

What burning legal question do you have?

All questions are to be provided prior to the evening, to ensure that counsel has ample time to prepare their brief.

Please send your questions to

Come for the CPD, stay for the pre-Christmas drinks!

Get in touch with the Clerks on 0117 921 1966 or to reserve your space.

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