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Adam Farhadian Griffiths is now a tenant at Queen Square Chambers, having joined us on successful completion of his pupillage in November.  The following originally appeared in the Target Pupillage Handbook.


University of Portsmouth –  LLB – Law & International Relations

University of Bristol – LLM – Commercial Law

Why Queen Square Chambers?

A friend recommended I look at Queen Square believing I would enjoy the varied diet of work and the genial environment.  He was right; every day brings a new professional challenge, while the supportive members at Queen Square have made pupillage decidedly enjoyable. I know from my peers elsewhere that is not always a foregone conclusion.

What is pupillage at Queen Square Chambers like?

Busy!  The clerks at Queen Square work hard to expose you to as many areas of practice as possible while ensuring your head stays above water. The briefs you receive are increasingly complex but by the end of the year, you feel able to tackle the issues you are faced with (mostly) on your own.

If you like mental gymnastics and adaptability, pupillage here could be for you.  Most of the older members of my Inn speak fondly of the days when they practiced both areas; some say it makes for a more versatile advocate in the long run.

Practicing in Chambers with members who are specialists in disparate areas saw me writing commercial Chancery opinions in one half of the week and prosecuting an appeal against conviction in the Crown Court in the second half. Diversity on that scale is hard to find.

What is practicing on circuit like?

I spent three years living and working in Hong Kong immediately prior to pupillage.  Being a pupil outside of London is a genuine breath of fresh air. The Bar is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a profession. Almost all of the members enjoy outdoor hobbies in the evenings or weekends, many of which would be impossible to do in London.

The courts on circuit are easily accessible by train and there are many familiar faces from other Chambers.  There is a real sense of community on the Western Circuit; it is not unheard of for judges to make discrete enquiries when they are impressed by a new advocate.  The personal interest shown in your development by those both inside and outside of Chambers provides a genuine sense of belonging the Bar fiercely retains on circuit.

If you would like to discuss applying for pupillage, please get in touch: or 0117 921 1966.

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