Public Access

Since 2004 members of the public and organisations have been able to instruct a barrister directly, without having to hire a solicitor first. In many cases it can save you money and get things moving faster. A number of our team are qualified to do this.

The barrister’s role remains the same, whoever is doing the instructing. There are limits to the work that can be done, and some cases a solicitor still needs to be involved. But for many situations it’s a good idea to approach a barrister directly.

What kind of work can you ask a barrister do?

  • Providing legal advice (in writing or in person) about your case, the law and how it affects your situation, and any legal steps you must take.
  • Drafting documents – letters, court proceedings, contracts, trust deeds, appeal forms, statements of case and other documents required for court.
  • Representing you at court or at other tribunals, appeal hearings, etc.
  • Advising on the evidence you need and on which expert may be appropriate to instruct, and draft the letter of instruction for you to send.

Public Access barristers cannot handle clients’ money (unrelated to their fee) or take responsibility for the management of a case. If you use the Public Access scheme, you take on some of the role of the solicitor.

There are many cases where instructing a barrister directly could help you. If you’d like to discuss this, please contact our clerks.

What are the benefits of going direct to a barrister?

There’s a substantial financial benefit as legal costs are usually much higher when a solicitor’s fees are added to the bill, and correspondence is usually quicker as you deal directly with a barrister. So you can often rectify a situation faster and with lower costs.

Barristers must be trained in Public Access before they are allowed to accept this type of work, so you can be confident they’ll have the skills needed to help you. What’s more, all practising barristers are subject to the Code of Conduct set out by the Bar Standards Board, designed to protect their clients.

Why choose Queen Square Chambers?

What sets us apart is a genuine ability and willingness to listen to you properly, to get to the heart of the problem, and to fight for your corner every step of the way. Our barristers believe in justice and we sincerely want what’s best for you.

You can choose from a range of our barristers with differing levels of experience (and costs) and who specialise in many areas of law.

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