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  • Employment - 8, December

    Employment Relations Authority – a different approach

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    Posted by Victoria Heasman

    It is now officially summer here in New Zealand and to completely confuse me I had my first mince pie on the first day of summer! No white Christmas for me this year! Since my last blog I have visited the Employment Relations Authority (ERA), something I have mentioned in a couple of my previous … Continue reading Employment Relations Authority – a different approach

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  • Crime - 24, November

    Breathe Easy, We Have a Right To Life

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    Posted by Charley Pattison

    Air Pollution in the High Court According to Public Health England, 29,000 early deaths a year in the United Kingdom are thought to be caused by inhaling tiny particles of unburnt soot known as particulate matter. The government has  recently estimated that a further 23,500 deaths are caused by the other key dangerous pollutant, nitrogen … Continue reading Breathe Easy, We Have a Right To Life

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  • Crime - 23, November

    Earthquakes and gang culture – an update from New Zealand

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    Posted by Victoria Heasman

    The last few weeks have been hectic, both in court and outside. Having been due to spend two weeks with the Crown Law Office (the body which provides legal advice and representation services to the government) I flew to Wellington on 13 November only to be woken at midnight by my hotel room shaking. New … Continue reading Earthquakes and gang culture – an update from New Zealand

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  • Queen Square Chambers covers areas such as health and safety and food hygiene, and has niche expertise in maritime-related regulatory breaches. The set handles instructions from insurance companies, government agencies and local authorities, among other instructing parties.

  • Queen Square Chambers has a strong following nationally among solicitors’ firms and insurance companies, and is regularly instructed in industrial disease, workplace accident, occupiers’ liability and road traffic cases. Clinical negligence is another area of strength.

  • Care cases are a notable strong suit, including matters involving non-accidental injuries, factitious illnesses, incest and sexual abuse.

  • Queen Square Chambers’ ‘strong employment team’ has ‘skilled, accessible and likeable barristers’ who appear at tribunals across the country, and attract instructions nationally.

  • Queen Square Chambers has ‘good depth’ in crime, with ‘some very able younger barristers coming through the ranks’. The group handles a balanced mix of prosecution and defence work across a wide range of crimes, including murder, fraud and serious sexual offences.

  • Queen Square Chambers’ members have expertise across a broad range of Chancery, insolvency and commercial law matters.